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  In 1917 and 1918, approximately 98% of men under the age of 46 living in the United States completed a World War I draft registration card.  

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Did You Know, Today, Monday the 24th of November, is  the anniversary of that day in 1963 Lee Harvey Oswald was mortally mortally wounded By Jack Ruby.


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The Friends Of Youth, The Lov'd Of Old;
And As You Gaze With Tearful Eye,
Sweet Mem'ries Of The Years Gone By
Will Come Again With Magic Power,
To Charm The Evening's Pensive Power.
Some In This Site Have Passed The Bourne
From When No Travelers Return;
Some Through The World Yet Doomed To Roam,
As Pilgrims From Their Native Home
Are Here By Nature's Power Enshrined,
As Lov'd Memorials To The Mind--
Till All Shall Reach That Happy Shore,
Where Friends And Kindred Part No More.
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PROCTOR (Lat. procurator, agent), in a general sense, one who is commissioned to manage the business of another. In a particular sense, a proctor is one who is commissioned to transact the business of his principal in the ecclesiastical or admiralty courts. Hе discharges functions similar to those of attorneys and solicitors in other courts. In England, the proctor can be admitted to practice only after a clerkship of seven years with a senior proctor of at least five years' standing, and he must produce a certificate of considerable proficiency in classical education. Before the abolition of the probate and matrimonial courts of doctors' commons, the proctors were the only persons allowed to practise in them. (See Doctors' Commons.) Proctors are known in the United States only as officers of the courts of admiralty, whose duties, authority, and responsibilities correspond to those of attorneys at law.—The name proctor is also given in England, and in some American colleges, to university officers whose duty is to guard morals and order.

The American Cyclopaedia: A Popular Dictionary of General Knowledge edited by George Ripley, Charles Anderson Dana Compiled by Thomas Jefferson Conant, Blandina Conant Published by D. Appleton and company, 1883
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Dr. John Nicholas Proctor Sr. w/Great Granddaughter Marie Brown.  Photo Courtesy of The Ron Stone Family Collection.
Including Some Of The Better Known:
Geoffrey Proctor Of Nether Bordley in Craven
John Proctor First Proctor Family In The New World
Descendants of Robert Proctor of Concord and Chelmsford, MA   Early Founder Of Chelmsford, Ma.
John Proctor Salem Witch Trials
Ancestors Of The New England Proctors
George Proctor Bacon's Rebellion
Richard Anthony Proctor British Astronomer
William Procter Procter and Gamble
Ezekial "Zeke" Proctor Sr. Infamous Native American
Josiah Kendall Proctor Proctor Silex
John Clagett Proctor LLD Historian, Poet, Genealogist, and Writer
Alexander Phimister Proctor Sculptor, Artist
William Proctor Father of Pharmacy
John Robert Proctor Kentucky Geologist, US Director Of Interior

Ancestral Arms
The Family of Proctor

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 Elmira Salinda "Mira" Adams Tuck ~ Photo Courtesy of The Greg Small Family Collection

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Honoring: Proctor Hicks Family Photo
Proctor Hicks Family Photo
b. Abt 1917 ~ Douglas, Missouri, USA

Photo and names were given to me by Jerry Allen Proctor of Springfield, MO. The following is what he wrote in his book about the large group of 47 picture;
"The Tom and Sarah Proctor home was a place of gathering for the community. One such gathering was on the occasion of Tim and Ollie Hicks leaving for Oklahoma on Sep 28, 1920. The members of this picture were identified by Wiley Proctor on May 4, 1981."
Photo Courtesy of The Beverly Shenold Family Collection

  Highlighting:  Tracy Rufus Proctor  
Date of Birth:  10 Oct 1917
Blacksburg, Cherokee, South Carolina, USA
World War II Draft Registration

Shelby, Cleveland, North Carolina, USA
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Today In History Monday, 24 November 2014
  87  Birthdays Today  Birth  Death
  Samuel Proctor  1719  d. Unknown
  Jacob Proctor  1724  d. 03 Jan 1746
  Thomas Lockhart Sloss Proctor  1808  d. 13 Dec 1881
  Lucy A. Proctor  1812  d. 23 Jul 1872
  Hannah P. Proctor  1816  d. Unknown
  92  Deaths Today  Birth  Death
  John Proctor    1597
  Daniel Gates  04 May 1680  1761
  Harriet L. Proctor  15 Nov 1822  1846
  Charles Howard Proctor  27 Sep 1848  1850
  Catherine Gleason  Abt 1787  1854
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