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Proctor DNA Project   


First and Foremost.. Welcome To the House Of Proctor Genealogy Website.

This website has been created on a desire to find information concerning the surname PROCT?R and various related family lines.  It is the compilation of data currently available in many different family resources and the vast information pool throughout the Internet. It represents many contributors, very diligent research and a common interest in the field of genealogy and the Proct?r family history.

Contributions of data, documents and photos are ALWAYS welcomed and appreciated.  Proper credit is always given when available. Feel free to send any corrections, additional data or photos direct to me at Webmaster House Of Proctor Genealogy.  I prefer PDF files and jpg photos; however, use any format you are comfortable with. If you prefer snail mail, simply send me an email and I will provide a mailing address.

The intent is to centralize as much information as we are able, verify sources and present a reliable database of PROCT?R information to insure a continuing history of such a fascinating surname and related family histories.
Data is presented as reliable as we are able to verify.  If you feel you have corrections, clarifications or just simply questions, we encourage you to contact us.  We respect privacy, Copyright concerns and give every effort to revealing credit for information sources received.  We not only appreciate data contributions, we encourage you to take part in this effort.
At the very least, browse the pages, enjoy a little bit of your possible past ancestors and get a flavor of life gone by!    You are welcomed to stop by our Guest Register and leave a comment.
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G.T. (Joe) Proctor
Wildomar, California U.S.A.
Webmaster House Of Proctor Genealogy
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