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  That Ancient Photograph Of Four Relatives,
One Of Whom Is Your Progenitor,
Carries The Names Of The Other Three.
~ The Laws Of Genealogy

Proctor DNA Project   



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Amy E. Proctor Cox   Anna S. Proctor   Mattie Shepherd   Nellie Frances Shepherd   Charles Patrick Shepherd   John M. Shepherd Jr.   Missouri King   James Finley Shepherd   Andrew Jackson Shepherd   Calvin Proctor   Ada Pritt (Unknown) Proctor   Allie R. Belcher Proctor   William J. Proctor   William Ezra Proctor   William G. Riddle   Clarence Herman Proctor   Robert B. Proctor   Winnie Harrell   John W. Griffin   Mary Ann Barnett   Virginia Griffin   Jepther Griffin   George Griffin   Rissie Griffin   Issac Rector   Mary L. Rector Gillen   Margaret Rector Shearer   Hugh Coffey   Grant York   Samuel T. Gill   Laura Janet Proctor   Margaret Angelina (Unknown) Pr...   Elsie M. Proctor   Charles Ausherman   Alma L. Proctor   James Harvey Proctor   Nora Elizabeth Proctor   Bertha M. Proctor Rutherford   Mertie Proctor   Mary E. (Mollie) Proctor Reyno...   Josiah Divoll   John Allen Proctor   Frances Mary Proctor   Rosa Proctor Enoch   Anna Durgee Proctor   Palina Aminta Proctor Belcher   Almeda (Mae) Proctor Stewart S...   Samuel W. Gilleland   Maude Proctor Perry   Martha Elizabeth Proctor Clary...   Grace Inez Gates   Lillian Alice Lillies Proctor   John W. Proctor   Sarah Proctor Robinson   Addie Harriet Proctor Pease   Eldridge Proctor   Nancy Jean Byerly Proctor   Mary Ann Daughtridge Proctor   Cora Bell Proctor   Albert Belmont Proctor   Alice Hawkins (Unknown) Procto...   Annie L. Proctor Bradley   Bessie Proctor   Sterling Price Proctor   Florence Grace Proctor   Nettie Proctor   Mattie Proctor   Charles A. Proctor   Charlotte Proctor   Edith J. Proctor   John Proctor   Isaac W. Proctor   James Halligan   Ida (Unknown) Proctor   Annie Jane Hall Proctor   Imogene Elizabeth Corser Proct...   Violet Maude Proctor   Franklin B, Heckler   Daniel T. Morrill   Mary Lucretia Proctor   J. Everett Proctor   Marietta Proctor   Emma Caroline Proctor   Margaret Proctor   Cora Proctor   Francis Marion Proctor   Maud Margaret Perry   Noah D. Proctor   Viola T. Proctor   Martha Estelle Proctor   Mattie Gemes Proctor   William Proctor   Delmer Roy Proctor   May Proctor   Etta Marie Proctor   Martha E. Moore Proctor   James Eliot Proctor   Mariah Ann Brown Proctor   Thomas A. Proctor   William J. Proctor   Nancy (Unknown) Proctor   Samuel W. Durben   Anna Proctor   George Washington Proctor   Maggie Crawford   Maude Crawford   Rutha Herrin   Earnest Proctor   Cora A. Rector   Bertha Faustina Lawrence   Elizabeth M. Reynolds Proctor   Jacob Deer   Thomas Proctor   Daisy E. Proctor   Rose Proctor   Ora McKinney   Lewis Cressman   Minerva Streul Proctor   Harriet S. Roupf Proctor   Emma Nelson Proctor   Sarah Farris   Alexander Procter   Thomas Proctor   Sarah E. Buck Proctor   Wilson Franklin Proctor Jr.   Nancy E. Wilson   Fred M. Kendall   Andrew Hoyle   Hannah Marie Proctor Blake   Mary Evangeline (Unknown) Proc...   Lula (Unknown) Proctor   Wiley W. Proctor   Addie Matilda Heckman Proctor   Jessie Mae Proctor   Elizabeth Proctor Hall   Emma Amazula Proctor   Myrtie Proctor   Sarah Ann Y. Parker Proctor   Charles G. Morton   James Peva   Sallie Perry Johnston Proctor   Elizabeth M. Sellers Proctor   Lucy M. Brown   Henry W. Rider   Laura G. Proctor   Ethel M. Proctor   Volney Johnson   Lillie J. Patterson Proctor   Ruth M. Proctor   Lottie M. Proctor   Lydia Proctor   Mary Chappell Lane   Allice Proctor   Emma Jane Proctor   Grace Helen Swires Proctor   Vida Selina Proctor   Myrtle Greenland   William H. Proctor   Carrie Ellen Delong Proctor   H. Proctor   Junita Proctor   Kittie Priscilla Brinn   Lewis Proctor   Sarah J. Thompson Proctor   Parry Proctor   Lena C. Eachus Proctor   Altha Lucille Proctor   Sarah Bosier Proctor   Hoveta Adeline Marshall   Cora R. Proctor   Lori L. Proctor   Berthia Proctor   Henry Clay Harris   Richard Milas Proctor   Edward Cullen Edwards   Richard Thomas Proctor   Mary Ellen (Unknown) Proctor   Albert G. Proctor   Lena G. Proctor   Elizabeth Hall   Edgar Proctor   Dewey Parrish   Janie (Jennie) Miller Proctor   Mary E. Proctor   Joseph W. Proctor   Martha W. Procter   Mose Elmo Proctor Sr.   Lucy Proctor   Oliver Proctor   Nancy (Unknown) McConnell   Audrie Proctor   Benjamin Proctor   Edward P. Goodwin   Theodora Proctor   Dimeso V. Proctor   Sarah E. (Unknown) Proctor   John Rouse   Winnie Proctor   Scotta Mae Proctor   Mildred E. Proctor   Edna E. Breeden Proctor   Frank W. Proctor   Joseph Branty   Viola B. Proctor   William Bridgeman   Ella Alvira Mead   Maud Proctor   Annie Durison   Benjamin Franklin Jackson   William Jackson   Dedricht Proctor   William Austin Richmond   Minnie B. Proctor   Stella E. Proctor   Matilda Louise Proctor   Julia A. Ames Proctor   Antha Jeanette Condon Proctor   Luther James Whitney Jr.   Charles E. Stearns   Minnie J. Proctor   Adam L. Proctor   Elizabeth Frances Jones Procto...   Clifford Hickerson   John Seth Thompson   William Henry Fawcette   Jesse Kinch Chambley   Cora Lee Proctor   Carry Bell Proctor   Syndia E. Proctor   Anna L. Craft Proctor   Sarah E. Proctor   Harriet A. Proctor   Emma Proctor   Elizabeth Ann Swann Butler   Reuel L. Farris   George W. Proctor   Alan Franck Lukens   Roland Proctor   William H. Proctor   Grace (Unknown) Proctor   Harvey Proctor   Charles Proctor   John Proctor   Lewis Proctor   Emily C. Proctor   Joseph Proctor   Jenny Proctor   Mary Ellen MacInnis Proctor   Emma Proctor   Lola B. Proctor   Richard Proctor   Ula P. (Unknown) Proctor   Clara Putnam Fowler Dubois   Marie Williams   Ida E. (Unknown) Procter   Lilly Proctor   Theresa Whitney   Dakie Proctor   Georgia Sarepta Lodge Proctor   Mary Carrie Proctor   Lola M. Young Proctor   Isaiah Proctor   Marie Proctor   Florida Proctor   John Proctor   Isabelle Tomberlin Proctor   John E. Tomberlin   Morice Butler   Charles E. Proctor   Lila Proctor   Proctor   Mary (Unknown) Proctor   Kate Proctor   Herbert M. Proctor   Thomas S. Proctor   Ida Nicholson   Lesley T. Daughtry   L. Daughtry   James C. Proctor   Fred B. Gates   Anna R. Proctor   Ira Snodgrass   Cora Bell Loden Conkright   William M. Proctor   Naomi Proctor Bishop   T. G. Gindratt   Calvin Columbus Proctor   Kate Proctor   Belle Proctor   John Proctor   Mamie McClain Proctor   E. Allen Proctor Sr.   Joseph Proctor   George Proctor Sr.   Mary Ann Mullins   Mamie Louise Proctor Gudger   Nellie (Unknown) Proctor   Randal Proctor   Glen W. Wheeler Proctor Bishop   Daniel Proctor   Olivia Augusta Hartnell   John Thompson Clark   William Marshall   Thomas Carr   Stewart Carr Vipond   Isabella Drinkall   Henry Procter   Lucy Clark   Amelia Clark   Mary Eleanor Bainbridge   Eliza (Unknown) Proctor   Pliny F. Rumrill   Mazetta Thomas Proctor   Samuel Oliver Sr.   Tennessee (Unknown) Stulls   John A. Proctor   Amelia Allmendinger Korff Proc...   Richard Merle Count   Harry C. Proctor   Minor (Unknown) Proctor   Annie Proctor   William L. (Willie) Proctor   Claud Proctor   James Noland   Roy F. Proctor   Ruthie Proctor   Frank P. Proctor Jr.   Martha Ellen Joyner Roland   Rebecca (Beckie) Proctor   Israel Ecker   Edward J. Proctor   Hattie Proctor   Alexander Prentis Chisholm   Charles Corrao   Nellie (Unknown) Stevens Proct...   Ollie Buttrun Cummins Proctor   John Ernest Shepherd   Howard Shepherd   Joshua Proctor   Chester Henry Proctor   Mary E. Proctor   Frederick Gray Proctor Sr.   Nora T. Murphy   Mary Proctor   Tom Proctor   Thomas Spencer   Dora Etelka Proctor   Hazel May Proctor   Charles Nicholas Proctor   Carrie E. Nease Proctor   Sarah Proctor   Jonathan Proctor Sr.   Elizabeth Young Proctor   Buel Proctor   Julian R. Proctor   Mary Ellen (Unknown) Proctor   Mildred (Unknown) Proctor   Lillie Krebs Proctor   Sylvester V. Proctor   Thankful Crocker   Robert Wearing Proctor Jr.   Charlie Andrell Borders   Nannie L. Proctor   Lawrence Barnes Proctor Sr.   Paul Lambert Proctor   Edward Berthrand Proctor   Gober Proctor   Harriet Davis Proctor   Rebecca Proctor Bunker   Charles Irving Proctor   Julius H. Proctor   Claude Erasmus Proctor   Mary Fetnah Cooksey Proctor   Lettie Lovey Proctor   Mildred Beuner Proctor   Etta Marie Proctor   Maude Louisa Proctor Hyatt   William Proctor   Frances E. Lowe Proctor   Samuel Proctor Jr.   Harry J. Rifenberick   Sidney Daniel Proctor   David Hansel Proctor Sr.   Nancy Amanda Malvine Lowrence ...   William T. Proctor   Bernard Underwood Proctor   Emmett Ray Proctor   Julius Andrew McCarty   William J. Proctor   Grover Cleveland Proctor   Noah Proctor   William Earl Proctor   Nina Blanche Proctor   Waldo Allen Proctor   Shelton Proctor   John Dunlap Proctor Sr.   William Proctor   James Proctor   Hannah Blanchard   Mary Cunliffe Proctor Proctor   Herbert Elwood Proctor   Hartford B. Proctor   Robert Victor Proctor Jr.   Grace C. Phinney Proctor   Lila Madelin Clements   Mckenzie B. Proctor   Virgil Wilder Proctor   Luther Eugene Proctor   Lynn J. (Unknown) Proctor   Irene Proctor   Mearl Proctor   Andrew Proctor   Nellie J. (Unknown) Proctor   Oliver Proctor   Charles Proctor   Laurine Maurine Proctor   Donald Leslie Proctor   Royal B. Proctor   James L. Proctor   Mary Cunliffe Procter   Floyd Gordon Proctor   Frances May Perkins Proctor   Eve Ellen Proctor   Nila Olivee Proctor   Leonard E. Watson   Oliver Procter   Harold Proctor   Albert Proctor   Halbert Proctor   Viola West Deatley   Nicholas Proctor   Joseph Proctor   Joseph M. Proctor   Joseph Proctor   Joseph W. Proctor   Joseph T. Proctor   Cornelia (Unknown) Proctor   Joseph Cephas Proctor   Gladys (Unknown) Proctor   Ralph Proctor   Ralph Proctor   Kenneth Proctor   Kenneth W. Proctor   Kenneth Proctor   Charles Proctor   Charles Proctor   Charles Proctor   Walter Proctor   Frank Proctor   Donald Proctor   Reynolds Proctor   Robert Procter Jr.   Sidney Proctor   John Roy Proctor   Robert Crawford Proctor   Clayton Proctor   George H. Proctor   Sallie (Unknown) Proctor   Barbara (Unknown) Proctor   Lewis Proctor   Stanley Proctor   Wylla (Unknown) Proctor   James Arthur Lux   Namon Anger Proctor   Newton Jarvis Proctor   William A. Proctor   William H. Proctor   John Procter   Proctor   Bertha H. (Unknown) Proctor   J. W. Riggsbee   Allie Steenhard Proctor   Joe Anner (Unknown) Proctor   William Russell Proctor   William E. Proctor   Thurman A. Proctor   Ruth M. (Unknown) Proctor   Richard L. Proctor   Odessa E. (Unknown) Proctor   Annice W. (Unknown) Proctor   Dorothy D. (Unknown) Proctor   Lucille (Unknown) Proctor   Richard J. Proctor   Charles L. Proctor   Emma Anna Proctor   Susan Proctor   Susan Hill Corliss Massuere   Ellen Devine Proctor   Thomas Proctor   Vinson Murray Stouck   Lizzie Proctor   Ola Baker Brown   Zoa Proctor   John Carr   William Carr   Stewart Carr Vipond   John Clark   Mary Clark   Ann Little   Sarah Alice Clark   Repentance Hall   Elizabeth Thackray Proctor   Rhoda Ellen Carter Scott   Thomas William Procter   Harriet Langton Procter   Barrett Procter   Ralph Umpleby   Margaret Umpleby   Frank Ellis Verry   Joseph H. Bey   Jennifer Ellen Proctor   Fannie Proctor Bogardus   Ada Selina Proctor   (Unknown) Proctor Child Of Jes...   (Unknown) Proctor Child Of Mar...   Mary A. Proctor   Robert Finis Proctor / Phoebe ...   Daniel Asbury Proctor / Matild...   John Byam Proctor / Louisa E. ...   Ira Ellis / Mary B. Proctor   John Proctor / Hannah Whittake...   Robert Epperson / Lucy Oberbic...   Israel Francis Proctor / Lovil...   John Payne / Nancy Spivey Hami...   Harvey Thomas Proctor / Mabel ...   Lafayette Brooks / Dora Kelley   John Ellis Proctor / Gladys Ca...   Willard Spivey / Juanita Maxin...   Joseph Huddart Clark / Ellen W...  
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