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Proctor DNA Project   



    April 2017    
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Events for this month that are not associated with a specific day:
James Cook Proctor   Mary Sego   Rosa Ellen Shepherd   James Finley Shepherd   Cass Smith   William Perkins   Joel Borden Proctor   Orpha Rachel Akers Proctor   Floy Proctor   Estill William Proctor   John Abney   Marie Louise Michot Proctor   Ruby Leona Proctor   Eva Jane Marris Proctor   Hile Theophilius Proctor   Edward Proctor   Dahlia Pauley Proctor   Ada Belle Brown Proctor   John Henry Proctor Sr.   Eunice Proctor   Annie Bell Proctor   Ora Lott Proctor   Charles A. Proctor   Walter J. Proctor Sr.   Yorkie Virginia Armstrong Proc...   Blanche Gates   Roma Fuller Proctor   Liousia Clark Oliver Proctor   Richard James Proctor   Sterling Proctor   Mary Billings Proctor   Bessie H. Proctor   Cyrus Proctor   Warren Glen Proctor   Frederic Lucien Proctor   Tirzah L. Smith Proctor   Ira L. Proctor   Caroline Hundley Proctor   Mary C. Smith Proctor   Mary Arvilla Proctor   Eleanor Brooks Proctor   Thomas Elmer Proctor   Timothy McNeely   Matthew Dickey Proctor   Ebenezer Whittredge   Gertie Thomas Proctor   John Proctor   Graham Proctor   Susannah Proctor   Clarence Richard Green   Cecille Proctor   William E. Proctor   Harold W. Proctor   George Lee Seals   Martha A. (Unknown) Proctor   Anna Procter Nichols   George Simpson   Juliet North Proctor Owings   Mary Martha Rounds Proctor   Laura Proctor   Troy J. Proctor   Cecil M. Procter   Charlotte F. Roy Proctor   Wilhma Proctor   Francis Marion Proctor   Proctor   Anita Marie Lobato Proctor   Noah Proctor   Hood Wynn Proctor   Hattie M. Proctor   Mary Elizabeth Fisher Procter   Phebe Wood Proctor Nourse   Sarah Antoinette Thompson Proc...   Nellie Belle Proctor   Myrtle Jane Proctor   Ralph Fredric Rogan   Augustin C. Proctor   Frank Proctor   Leland Lockette Symthe Proctor   Susan Jo Proctor   Lester Haddock   George Marion Proctor   Harlan E. Ames   Wilbur Fred Proctor   Milton Roy Proctor   Glen R. Proctor   Monica (Unknown) Proctor   Albert G. Proctor   Noah Lee Proctor   Jesse Norman Proctor   William Joseph Proctor   James Hal Proctor   Earl Henry Proctor   George Michael Proctor   James Marshall Proctor   Edna Catherine Dunlap Bishop   Albert Proctor   Albert Proctor   Abner Proctor   Allen E. Proctor   C. Raymond Proctor   Raymond Proctor   Joseph Proctor   Joseph Proctor   Joseph Glennwood Proctor   Joseph Proctor   Josephine (Unknown) Proctor   Josephine (Unknown) Proctor   Joe Proctor   Gladys (Unknown) Proctor   Ralph Proctor   Charles Proctor Sr.   Charles Proctor   Charles E. Proctor   Charles Proctor   Charles L. Proctor   Willie Proctor   Charlie Proctor   Hedwig E. (Unknown) Proctor   George Proctor   John Proctor   M Proctor   Bernard Proctor   George William Proctor   Clarence Proctor   Thomas Proctor Sr. Of Rock And...   George Bruce Proctor   Riley Slavens   Elese McClellan Proctor   Susie Proctor Proctor   Ruth Davis Proctor   Otis Proctor   Ora Proctor   Norma Lee Horn Proctor   Elizabeth L. Proctor   Fredrich John Proctor   Gertrude Edna (Unknown) Procto...   Irene L. (Unknown) Proctor   Jean R. (Unknown) Proctor   John Hitchings Proctor   Lela May (Unknown) Proctor   Lillian Bull Proctor   Proctor   Willard Spivey   Ivan S. Hancock   Edith Rosa Proctor   Thomas Proctor   William Proctor   May Fannie Smith Proctor   Ernest Proctor   Harriet Procter   Albert R. Rick   Filomeno Ignomirello   Mary L. Proctor Malcolm   Celena M. Proctor Swift   Bryan Proctor   John Paul Keller   Thomas Procter   Spencer Carr Vipond   Clara Procter Eccles   Rebecca Woodville Clark   Elizabeth Ward   Robert Clark   Nathaniel Neville   Henrietta Harrison Procter   Oscar Stephen Procter   Sundrea Ann Proctor   Charles George Proctor   Frederick Charles Proctor   Joyce Evelyn Proctor   John A. Proctor   John Proctor   William Proctor   Alfred George Proctor   Richard Procter   Jim Proctor   Mary M. Proctor Holmes   Willie Artemisia Proctor   Mary Melissa Doan Proctor   Leroy Proctor   John A. Proctor   Louisa J Shepherd   William Pierce King   Martha Alice Hurst   Shelby Strunk   William Henderson Proctor   Laura J. Proctor   Edith Proctor   Ada Proctor   Nancy Louvisi Cates   Elizabeth G. Haley   Charles C. Riddle   Clarinda Jane (Jennie) Overton...   William Cassius Goodloe McMurt...   Tom E. Proctor   Experience Damon   Helen A. Hunt   John S. Griffin   Deimy Griffin   Emily Mullins   James Rector   Mary A. S. Proctor   Richard Aldridge   Susan B. King   Caroline A. Nemitz Proctor   Amanda Proctor   Sarah Proctor   John Proctor   Francis M. Proctor   Cottola Proctor   Frank Hamilton   Rosa E. Proctor   Irma Vivian Proctor   Page Milton Proctor   Anna L. Proctor   James M. Stanfield   Leona Polyanna Protsman   Hester Ann Bartlett Proctor   William H. Proctor   John Lorenzo Proctor   Ann Daisy Proctor Conley   Maggie Ethel Proctor Washburn   Sarah Mae Hagins Proctor   Mayberry S. Proctor   Arthur Z. Proctor Sr.   Gertrude (Unknown) Proctor   Sara J. Proctor   Mary Proctor   Ella B. (Unknown) Daughtry   William Proctor   Stella A. Proctor Smith   Martha Irene Clements Proctor   Caslie F. Proctor   Bonnie V. Proctor   Ripley F. Beasley   Lula Proctor   Frances Ann Gillespie Proctor   Della Robinson   Mintie F. Proctor   Howard Proctor   Benjamin Robert Procter   George Blakey Proctor Jr.   Giles Isiah Proctor   Bonnie Proctor   William H. Proctor   James W. Proctor   Lilly Proctor   Gertrude Proctor   Shirley Forest Proctor Chadwic...   Adelaide Brown Proctor   Mary Jane Fyke Proctor   Amelia E. Haggard Proctor   Alva Proctor   Irene Proctor   Lizzie Kimball Francis Proctor   Susan J. Proctor   Lilia B. Proctor   Bessie Roberts Proctor   Sarah Ann Proctor Mitchell   James J. Proctor   Malinda Eliza Wild Proctor   Susie E. Proctor   Minnie May Proctor   Mary J. Proctor   Richard Mason Proctor   Nancy Pearl Proctor   Amanda Isabella (Unknown) Proc...   Frank Proctor   Belle Proctor   H. Edward Bunn   Sallie (Unknown) Proctor   Carrie Janet (Unknown) Proctor   Emily R. Proctor   Anne Raisbeck Proctor   Cassie Proctor   Walter E. Proctor   Elizabeth J. (Unknown) Proctor   Mary A. Proctor   Grace Elizabeth Proctor Fowler   J. Proctor   Lela M. Proctor   Frances M. Morris Proctor   Dora Sammilson   Bridget (Unknown) Proctor   William Walker Proctor   Rolla M. Proctor   Sarah C. Suit Proctor   Ethel Proctor   Wiley Proctor   Timothy McNeely   Eveline Hudnall   Catherine B. Freedal Proctor   Sarah B. (Unknown) Jaquith   James Everett Proctor   Ella D. Proctor Sanford   William E. Proctor   John D. Proctor   William Alexander   Abe Francis   Effie C. Proctor   B. D. Proctor   Mattie Mae Proctor   Emma Gertrude Proctor Foley   Adelaide W. Proctor   Louisa Fydin Proctor   Albert E. Proctor   Emiline L. Proctor   Della Proctor   Lucretia Brown   Emma B. Proctor   Levi Proctor   Minerva Main Proctor   William T. Proctor   Milo Proctor   Eliza Lane Proctor   Samuel Proctor   Royal Calton   Bertha Proctor   Sydney M. Proctor   Laura O. Proctor Moore   Joseph H. Brantley   Ernest Proctor   William A. Bosworth   Mozelle M. Proctor   Proctor   Susan E. Proctor   Alex Proctor   Nellie Mabel Proctor Blakley   C. S. Proctor   Emma V. Anderson Proctor   Sequrney C. Drivers Proctor   Mary Proctor   Docia Proctor   Louise Proctor   Mary Ann Proctor   N. Estelle Black Proctor   Julia M. Cook   Rosabella Proctor   Elizabeth Jane Moser Proctor   Jennie A. Proctor   Jesse Proctor   Annie M. (Unknown) Hume   Harry L. Proctor   Hiram Orville Proctor   Callie Proctor   William R. Proctor   Anne B. Proctor   Charles Hardy Bain Graham   Calvin J. Proctor   Robert B. Proctor   Eulah M. Proctor   Proctor   Thomas Batson   James William Proctor   Richard Marshall   William Ellsworth Havice   Charles Cartwright   Mary O. (Unknown) Proctor   Charles N. Proctor   William Augustus Proctor   Josephine Hill Currier Proctor   May Baker   Walter Irving Proctor   Hattie B. Whitten Proctor   Alice R. Proctor   Wardie Proctor   Sue Ellen Jacobs Proctor   Mary E. (Unknown) Proctor   Flora L. Proctor   Esther Viola Proctor   Connie J. McPeters   Maude M. Proctor Ryder   James Herman Austin   William Andrew Proctor   Mary Lucinda Smith Proctor   Dan M. Proctor   John G. Proctor   Zellah Proctor   Levi Challice Spaulding   Willie B. (Billie) Proctor   William Procter   Ethel Proctor   Virginia C. (Unknown) Proctor ...   Alexander H. Silas Joiner Proc...   Benjamin Proctor   Daisy Celia Davidson Proctor   Minnie E. Proctor   Alice Lorraine Heath Proctor   Michael Proctor   Dave F. Kauffman   S. (Unknown) Kauffman   Zarilda (Unknown) Proctor   Lizzie Otelia McCrew Proctor   Anna E. Proctor   Jerome L. Proctor   Charles Albert Isbell   Candance E. Proctor   Lieleah V. Proctor   John Proctor   Harry L. Proctor   Nellie A. Proctor   Agnes Charlotte Clark Proctor   Hannah (Unknown) Proctor   William Proctor   Ethel E. Proctor   Eusebius Hubbard   Thomas B. Nichols   Bertha Mabel Proctor Brewer   Lena Blanche Proctor   Hershal Proctor   Kate Gilliss Proctor   David Cooper   Clarence B. (Unknown)   Elva (Unknown) Richmond   Edwin C. Proctor Sr.   Fanny Proctor   Rose L. (Unknown) Proctor   Sophia J. Robertson Proctor   Mary A. (Unknown) Proctor   Eula Proctor   Mary Elizabeth Jeffers Proctor   John M. S. Proctor   Proctor   Elizabeth Leddy   Martha T. Warren Proctor   Jenette (Unknown) Proctor   Louisa (Unknown) Harlow   Elizabeth (Unknown) Proctor   Thomas Proctor   Alma Calista Phillips Proctor   Nora L. Proctor   Nelson Proctor   Grant Purcell   Mattie J. Proctor   Logan A. Proctor   William Carl Bolivar   Hellen Falls Proctor   Sarah Anne Blanchflower Procto...   Kittie S. (Unknown) Proctor   Martha Kendall Lott   Mary Hughes Proctor   Sarah (Unknown) Wylie   Ella Proctor   Lee L. Proctor   Louisa V. Williams Proctor   John W. Moore   Joseph Proctor   Ralph Proctor   Kenneth Proctor   Edna (Unknown) Proctor   Thomas Proctor   Glen Hawkins   Caroline Ka-Lu-Nar-Ski Proctor   Jennie Proctor   Alice A. Cross Proctor   Georgianna Alexander   Hannah Proctor   Claud Proctor   Bruce Wilson Proctor   Mary Proctor   Mabel A. (Unknown) Proctor   Edith Wood Proctor   Mary Rouse   Elizabeth Ann Cagle   William B. Butler   Lumber Proctor   Sally (Unknown) Proctor   Lucy G. (Unknown) Proctor   William Proctor   Ida (Unknown) Proctor   Edward Proctor   Ella B. Daughtry   Phillie Daughtry   Jodie Daughtry   Claude L. Daughtry   David McClintock   James McClintock   John Simon Procter   James Herbert Procter   Gordon Bartlett   Velma May Proctor Rick   Jane Dalgleish Procter   Sophronia E. Boyce Nelson Proc...   Effie Belle Proctor Brown   William A. Heaton Sr.   Sarah Maria Proctor   John D. James   Ethel Proctor   Jestina Garland Peet   Frances Speigle Keating   Sarah Jane Southard Thomas   Emiliza Bustle Southard   Commordoer Proctor   Thomas Procter   Isabella Clark   Evelyn Wiley   Jane Howarth Procter   Margaret Ann Clark   Margaret Elizabeth (Maggie) Cl...   Thomas Henry Clayton   Debe Proctor   John Henry Harley   Winifred Emily Nash Procter   Foster Wilfred Procter   Grace M. Procter   Ralph Umpleby   George A. Proctor   (Unknown) Proctor   Charles Monroe Eccleston   Lidie Eliza M. Proctor   Amanda Page McKenzie   Lake Theodore Proctor Sr.   Willis Proctor   Eugene Proctor   Minnie A. Proctor   Maggie D. Milberry   Delphina (Unknown) Proctor   Georgianna Proctor   Vera Proctor   Margaret Strachen Proctor   Eliza (Unknown) Proctor   Allmer Chinn / Nannie Hazel Sh...   Earl Lloid Proctor / Mae Burns...   George Riley / Eliza Proctor   William Osborn King Sr. / Fran...   Samuel B. Proctor / Hannah P. ...   Robert C. Ross / Rebecca Jain ...   Milan Frank / Mabel G. Proctor...   Stephen Herman Proctor / Harri...   Thomas C. Proctor / Emily Hail...   William Morgan Proctor / Clara...   Charles R. Trinder / Josephine...   W. Tom Hurt / Sarah Allie Mae ...   Lyle Proctor / Margaret Misner...   Harrison R. Proctor / Dena Gri...   Joseph Nicholson / Susan (Susi...   Joseph Henley / Mary Jane Clar...   / Ann Little  
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