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  Here Lies Old Caleb Ham, ~ By Trade A Bum.
When He Died The Devil Cried, ~ Come, Caleb, Come.
~ Quaint Epitaphs ~ Hollis, New Hampshire

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Top 30 surnames (total individuals):

Proctor (43,221)
(Unknown) (5,422)
Procter (1,878)
Shepherd (634)
Smith (390)
Brown (300)
Jones (256)
Griffin (249)
Johnson (226)
Davis (217)
Anderson (213)
Clark (202)
Abney (192)
Moore (183)
Riddle (161)
Williams (157)
Wilson (148)
White (142)
Taylor (130)
Miller (124)
Thompson (118)
Wright (117)
Martin (111)
Reynolds (109)
Adams (106)
Hall (103)
Mullins (100)
Lewis (98)
Allen (96)
Jackson (93)
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